News from the Shadows

Do You Remember?

29 Aug 2010 - 04:55 by ScrollKeeper in RP News
Do you remember the Ahn'Quiraj World Event of January 2006?

I remember standing back and watching, almost frozen in place, as I stood looking at the impressive size of the Anubis that stood before us. Horde and Alliance fought side by side. It was the first event in which such a combined effort was needed from both sides.

It was an event which many of us who were there will always remember.

Do you remember when the only Auction House was in Ironforge?

Do you remember when there was no Alterac Valley Battleground?

Do you remember when there was no Honor Point System and the first week it existed, massive amounts of world pvp took place as it gave players a reason to kill each other!

Do you remember Captain Placeholder when the boats broke down?

Ah... the memories!

Battle at Borean Tundra!

01 Feb 2010 - 06:22 by ScrollKeeper in PVP News
A nearby seabird sqwarked overhead as quiet talk wafted over the group. Several checked and rechecked their battle gear as they waited for orders.

Additional Alliance aid had been requested from the Al'shar lo Dor'ano days prior. Their enemy Nyx, a horde group that Al'shar had a long history of encounters with in the past, had engaged them heavily upon the battlefield weeks earlier. What had exactly started the conflict between the groups was uncertain. Rumors of a dwarven tablet that had been found seemed to be the behind the urgency of these battles. None the less, the Al'shar were called to arms and stood by their allies.

The Alliance groups made their way towards Warsong Hold. Information had come to light that the Nyxian general was being held inside the massive structure. The opportunity was ripe and group rode forth in an attempt to capture and/or kill their General and delivery a swift blow to the Nyxians.

Unfortunately the defense at Warsong was strong. Horde guards swooped down upon the group in a flurry followed by the members from Nyx who. It was a strategic challenge trying to make it through the gates. Eventually it was realized that the front was impenatrable and a call to retreat was made.

Nyx, infuriated by the assault, made a counter attack upon Valiance Keep. The initial wave was successfully defended. However, the battle was fierce and there were many losses on Alliance side as the evening drew late. The Nyxians managed an upper hand and pushed further into the Keep, destroying much of the insides as they lay wasted to everything in their path.

Bloodied and beaten back, the Alliance forces retreated to tend to their wounded while the leaders of each clan restrategized on how to deal with Nyx's brute force for the next battle.

Merry Making at the Beer Garden!

01 Feb 2010 - 06:01 by ScrollKeeper in RP News

Lady Veara once again took time out to invite all Al'shar to gather for some ale and fine brewed beverages at the Beer Garden. Everyone was in grand spirits!

Overall, it was a pleasant gathering between the daily grind. Those who didnt join in the dancing, watched with amusement and remeninced over how in the olden days, Commander Leikos would have been fit to be tied if he saw Al'shar dancing upon the tables!

But times are changing and the young enjoy themselves to the fullest whenever they can. It was an enjoyable evening had by all!

Bonfire Night!

20 Jan 2010 - 05:20 by ScrollKeeper in RP News
It was a cool crisp evening as the Al'shar began arriving in Astraanar. Many had not visited the village in quite some time. Although the area seemed peaceful and overgrown, moreso than the early days of constant warfare that was often encountered here, some things hadnt changed. For instance, young and overly cocky tauren thought he was foolish enough to attempt an attack upon the Al'shar simply because he saw them wearing social attire instead of battlegear. Unfortunate for him, he took a heavy blow to the head, knocking him unconscious for several hours.

After awaiting for the rest of the members to arrive, the Al'shar strolled peacefully to a quiet edge of Astranaar's waters, settling down around the fire. Lady Veara started the evening off with a wonderful druidic tale.

Several other stories continued throughout the evening and for the most part, Astraanar's alarms remained quiet. Quite a change from the olden days.

Overall, everyone enjoyed themselves and the relaxing atmosphere after many months of battle. We look forward to more wonderful tales in the coming weeks.

Grand Start to a New Year

13 Jan 2010 - 09:19 by ScrollKeeper in RP News
The old year has come and gone. Although we have had to say goodbye to dear friends who have ventured on, passing into the Emerald Dream, we have had many new faces join the Al'shar family, bringing with them additional strengths and talents.

There was great pride as we slowly made the traditional walk to the alcove as we have done time and time again since our beginning, nearly three and a half years ago.

And it was evident at the first-of-the-year guild meeting that the Al'shar, after all these years, are still holding strong.

The New Year has started out grand with numerous Al'shar patrols returning successful in their missions, journeying down deep into the depths of Northrend and defeating our enemies. Old haunts are being also being revisited with renewed interest and there is still a strong desire to spend time with one another after hard fought battles.

The Al'shar look forward to continued vigor in the fight against our enemies and the propserity that comes with working and spending time together.

Long Live the Al'shar!